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"Children Are A Gift From God." 
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Children are a Gift ... from God.

God's greatest gift to us is human life. Today ... not just in America ... but in every corner of the world, our total lack of respect for human life has become very disturbing. The goal of this website is to inform everyone in the world so we may make positive changes that reflect God's teachings.
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Young Adults ... LOVE MATTERS
Many People Need Help

Some may be your friends ... 
Some may be your neighbors ... 
Some may be your co-workers ... 
Some may even be close family members.

Sadly, they may be suffering mental, emotional and physical pain because of a decision they have made or need to make in the very near future. Our Mission is to help ease their pain by sharing information and helping them find viable solutions. We don't ask anyone for donations ... only a little of your time. Please pray for an end to abortion, and support your local Pro-Life Prayer Vigils. 
        "What Are They Saying" 
Pray & March for Life in January

Thousands attended the "March for Life" in Washington, DC. on 01/21/17, despite the cold weather. Please let us pray for  the 57,000,000 Babies that have been killed since 01/23/73 in the U.S.! Pray every day to STOP THIS 44 YEAR HOLOCAUST. 

Mom, Daughter, Love, Family, Pick Up, Toddler, Smile

"With God all things are possible."

Respect Life Sunday is on the Way!  

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"I have noticed everyone who is for abortion has already been born."
 - Ronald Reagan

"The world is very dangerous to live in ... not because of the people who do evil ... but because of the people who let it happen."

- Albert Einstein

"How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."
- Mother Teresa 

"We must never think we can solve one moral crisis by condoning another, especially the crime of murder, for unrestrained abortion is nothing less than that."
- Billy Graham
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